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About Get HTTP Headers

About HTTP Headers:

HTTP headers is a HTTP status code or HTTP response that allows additional information to be passed from the client and the server when a user tries to access the page or a request is made to the server. It is the information that is sent in response to the request that is sent to the website and the page.

How Can You Use Our HTTP Headers Tool?

It is very easy to check the URL status online with the help of our tool. You just have to enter the complete URL of the website you want to inspect and then click the on the “Submit” button. Within a couple of seconds, you will be able to view the HTTP request and response header.

If you want to try our tool before using it then just enter random website URL and you can check the HTTP request example.

HTTP Status Codes:

There could be many among us who don’t know much about HTTP headers or HTTP Status Codes and the purpose they serve. So, let’s discuss briefly a few frequently occurring ones:

200 OK: If you this code then it’s a good news. The browser has found the URL, server has returned a page and everything is running smoothly.

403 Forbidden: This status is alarming as it means that the request is being refused by the server and blocking the access to Google bots which can have a negative impact on the website’s SEO. So, it needs to be fixed right away.

301 Moved Permanently: This HTTP status code implies the permanent URL redirection. It means that the URL needs to be updated with the new URL included in the location field with the response.

404 Not Found: This code implies that the page or the website has been deleted by the webmaster and is not found on the server.

503 The Server Is Temporary Unavailable: When this HTTP status code occurs then something must be wrong with your server or host.